Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I am a Hooters Girl...

People have been blowing Google up with questions on why Hooters Girls choose to work at Hooters. And honestly I don't really understand this.

I'm just saying, I don't see a ton of people asking why models model, or why football players play football. See I get everyone is curious but its no different than the models or football. Now hear me out, models get jobs based on their looks and/or bodies and they aren't crazy judged for it.  And football players get jobs based on their size or speed and thats totally normal.  It is just a bit hypocritcal but whatevvv. Now, really. We do get the job if we are pretty but personality comes into play so much more than looks.

You could be Jennifer freaken Anistan with the personality of a a rock and you might somehow get hired but you will most definitely not last. You have got to be a people person for this job. Your day consists of trying to get people to come out of their shells, and running your butt off all while still trying to look cute.

Its a rough life but somebodys gottat do it :)

Monday, October 1, 2012


Oops! I just figured out that I had my settings too high so no one could comment on my stuff. I wondered how I was getting so many views but no comments or anything. Just saying!

Another tip for girls applying at Hooters

Don't be a bitch to the girls when you come in. I will never understand this. Picture this.

In walks a girl who is pretty and dressed pretty cute. But she looks like someone pissed in her cheerios this morning and is glaring at every girl in there like she is too cool to even be seen around us. Then she asks for an application from the girl she was just being a cunt to. Well guess what honey, that girl is going to go back to the manager and tell them you want an app and when the manager asks what they think of you we will tell them that your are obviously a deranged bitch for thinking you would get hired with ones as lowely as us.

Managers respect what the girls say becuse we have developed some killer people reading skills. And what manager is going to hire a girl he knows will start shit? No matter how hott you are no manager gives a fuck if your just going to be a bitch. Sorry to burst any bubbles :) okay...well im not sorry but still.


Okay here is a post for girls wanting to apply at Hooters. I am doing this post for a few reasons, first because a huge portion of the views I get are from people googling questions on how to get hired and such. Another reason I am writing this is from stupid people that come in and apply and do the dumbest shit ever so I figured if I could enlighten a few of you Hooters Hopefuls then it would be a successful day.

When applying at Hooters DON’T:

-Come in during any rush. Seriously. On what planet does it make sense for you to come in at 1200 or 600 when we are busy serving people? You did want to get hired correct? The best times to come in are from 2-4 Mondays – Thursdays. If you’re the dumb bitch that comes in during our lunch rush asking for an application I can promise you it gets thrown out the second you leave. Honest to freaken god truth.

-Come in with your boobs hanging all the way out of your shirt. This happens all the time and I just don’t get it. Yes it is a job based on having a nice body and good …assets but really. We are the girls next door, not flown in from skank-town on your slut-mobile. I will write about good things to wear further down.

-Come in with all your tattoos completely showing.

-Come in with your hair up. I just don’t get why you would do this. And soooo many girls do this! You have been to Hooters, you know what the uniform is! Hair down. Every day. So why on earth would you come in with your hair up? When the manager is doing your initial interview they are trying to see what you would look like in your uniform so when your hair is up there are multiple things going on in their head. 1. You look ugly with your hair down that’s why its up. 2. You have ugly hair. 3.You are mayor of frumpy-town. 4. You are obviously an idoit for going to apply with hair up like that. So in case I haven’t made myself clear. WHEN YOU APPLY AT HOOTERS DO NOT JUST THROW IT UP IN A PONY TAIL. ACTUALLY STYLE YOUR HAIR. Okay? Great!

-Come in with friends for moral support. Yes that sounds like an obvious one but really we have had people come in with a group of friends and only one is applying. Weak.


Alright I cant think of anymore right now so lets work on what you SHOULD do when applying:

-Wear something cute. Yes I said cute. Not sexy, slutty, whorey, STD’y, or anything else. A skirt and a cute top works lovely. Your top should show you have boobs but not in a literal sense. We do not want skanks working here, that would fuck up this whole family vibe thing we have going on. Just think about your kid, or little brother or sister. Would you want the skank from down the street serving them food? No. Well I hope the answer is no otherwise you are kinda fucked up. Anywho, when you come in dressy classy cute. Skinny jeans and a cute top works too. If its winter do not come in with a mini skirt and a tank top on because no one will focus on your cute factor they will just think you are a crazy person.

-Cover up any tattoos that show and take out any facial piercings. In the uniform you cannot show any tattoos or facial piercings, besides one stud per ear. And no, you cannot wear the plastic space holder either, cuz sorry dude we can totally see it just as if you were wearing an actual piercing.

-Wear makeup. Did you hear that wear make up! Here one more time, WEAR MAKE UP. You will be expected to wear make up daily so wear some to the damn interview! Foundation, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. To start with. Just saying.

-Like I said before make sure you come in from 2-4 Monday through Thursday. That way a manager will sit with you after you apply and give your first intial interview. And maybe you will luck out like me and get hired on the spot!


Alright that’s all I can think of, just comment on here with anymore questions or send your questions to the blog. I haven’t worked here that long but I have seen a ton of shit so I can answer your questions!


Thank youuu, BD :)

More Hooters Girl Facts of Life.

1.       You will have a boyfriend that is real or fake and you will know how to effortlessly talk about him in conversations to discourage creepers.

2.       You will get phone numbers, hotel room numbers, hotel keys, and my personal favorite house keys.

3.       You will have guys flirting with you like crazy and they will ask for your number and come bill time they don’t tip. I mean honestly if you are trying to impress me putting a big fat zero on the tip line is def not going to help your case buddy.

4.       Ever having a good looking guy sit in your section is super freaken rare, seriously. I thought working here it would be hot guy central but nope! And if hot guys do come in they aren’t crazy to get your number cuz they are hot and they know it so they don’t have to work as hard! Lame, but super true.

5.       You will become the queen of small talk. Its your job. There will be creepers that don’t speak at all that expect you to sit and talk with them, so small talk is your new best friend.

6.       You will deal with jealous girlfriends. You know who you are, you try to be the cool girlfriend that takes your boyfriend to Hooters cuz your oh so cool with yourself then you glare at every set of boobs that walks within ten feet of your man. And when a girl braves coming to take your orders you hang all over him in case we didn’t notice the neon sign that says ’TAKEN. THIS WHIPPED MAN IS TAKEN. SO BAC KTHE EFF OFF.’ Real subtle I know. Update to girls like this: we do NOT want your man. He may be a lovely person but you are so obviously uncomfortable here so why would we want the douche that takes you here knowing you would hate it? Come on.

7.       You will be obsessed with sports. Okay well maybe not, I was already obsessed with sports so I love this job even more cuz you can sit and talk sports an watch the games with customers.

Douche boy strikes.

Hello there world! I have been super busy..and lazy so I haven't written in forever! Yes, I know. I suck at the blogging life. Sorrrrry!

Anywho, I have been working my life away and I still love it! I know after a while it will get old but right now its still new so I still love it. The only thing I don't like are the douchy people that come in but with my lovely sarcastic personality I can usually handle them fine.  There was this guy the other day that was so freaken rude I just couldnt stand it. He seriously was doing everything he could to be super annoying. I think I pissed him off with this conversation I will post but his friends thought it was hilarious.

Me: "Hey guys, can I steal these plates from you real quick?"

Douche boy: " can HAVE them though."

Me: "Oooookay. Can I please have these plates?"

Douche boy: "I don't know why you're asking me just take them! Damn."

Me: "The kitchen is right through there...How about you just go ahead and take them to the kitchen yourself if your so against me doing it."

He didn't think it was so funny but his friends thought it was great so I didn't get in trouble. He was just repeadely so rude and annoying that by the end I didn't give a shit if he tipped me I just wanted him to leave.  He tried to say one more douchey thing and by then I was just done.

Me: "Can I get you boys anything else to drink before you head out?"

Douche boy: "Sweet tea."

Me: "How about regular tea with some sweetener?"

Douche boy: "Yeah becasue I want regular tea when I specifically asked for sweet tea......just get me a water or something."

Then he tried handing me cash for my tip and I just wanted to get out of there so I just told him to leave it on the table and walked away, but as I was walking away I heard one of his friends start cracking up and he was like, "Damn dude you have done it again. You annoyed her so much she doesn't want your money to make up for it."

He still left a pretty good tip but I dont think if your going to be rude and obnoxious the whole time that a good tip is going to help. Thats you trying to make yourself feel better and trying to bribe someone.

When they left his friend apoligized for his friend being so annoying but he said I handled it well and douche boy liked that I talked back to him and didn't just sit there. Then douche boy walked up and GAVE ME HIS PHONE NUMBER. Sorry felt like the caps were necessary there, but really??! After you are so extremely rude and try to make me feel like an idiot the whole meal you really expect me to call you?

People suck. Thats about all I have to say on that.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I hate dumb bitches.

I absolutely hate some of these girls I work with. I know that sounds awful and it sounds like im exaggerating but seriously if I hear one more girl bitch about having to actually take tables when she just wanted to 'chill' today or if I hear one more person tell me to take their table because they don't feel like it I will flip out.

As you might have guessed I had a rough day... I had a double today so I was there from 1030 A.M. and I left at 9 P.M. I did this same shift last Sunday and it was totally fine, but today was just annoying as fuck.  There is this girl I worked with when it was just me, her, and another girl on the floor. This girl will be called mini-brat (mini cuz she is like 4 feet tall and brat cuz its nicer than saying bitch everytime). The other girl I worked with is the one girl I work with that I absolutely love! She actually wants to work and we get along so great! We both don't usually have girl friends because of all the drama. We will call her Air Force (in case you didn't guess she was in the Air Force.) Alright so me and Air Force were running around doing our tables and were so confused why we all the sudden got so busy and were super fucking pissed because more and more tables kept showing up at our section and we hadn't sat them there. We finally got a second and realized that mini-brat was seating everyone in our section. We watched her greet another table of four and she started walking them to my section and I walked up and was like "Hey I am kind of full right now take them to your section." She just rolled her eyes and sat them in mine and I swear it took every ounce of will power I had not to just punch her in the face.

Luckily for me my manager W is amazing.  He walked up to me and was like "Um BD are you really desperate for money? You should probably let mini-brat have some tables too..." After I explained that we hadn't been pulling tables but that mini-brat sat them all with us he was super mad, and it cracked my shit up. He was all, "Oh, hell no. Don't worry the next three tables that come in are hers."  So that really made my day. :)

And another thing that just pissed me the fuck off was what she would say to my tables. She would sit them and be like "I don't know where your waitress is, she keeps running off so I can take your drink order and hopefully go find her soon." So my tables would start out with the opinion that I am just useless and were grumpy with me. Jokes on her though cuz I still made bank today.

Sorry....rant over. I was just quite pissed! But I made $170 today, and I think for ten hours of work on a Sunday that is fantastic!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Regulars, creeps and average joes..

At Hooters there are pretty much three different kinds of customers. Regulars, creeps, and average Joes.

Regulars- those people that make coming into work a lovely experience. I have a few regulars right now but there is one I absolutely love. He is an older man and is absolutely adorable. And so freaken sweet it kills me! He will come in and ask about my day/life and actually want to hear the answer! I know right, shocking! These people might not be your best tippers but they remind you that not everybody out there went to douche school.

Creeps- yes Hooters has creeps, as absolutely unbelievable as that may sound yes it happens. I had a table who honestly only spoke to my boobs, I get that I have a fantastic wrack but no matter how much you look your chances of touching them will not increase. Sorry but true. So to fix their creepiness I decided to be a bitch. I walked up to one guy and talked to his crotch for a while. The look on their faces was fucking priceless. I thought they would be mad until one started laughing and was like, "that was the most awesome thing I have ever seen!" I actually ended up having a blast with them once they realized I could dish it out as well as I could take it. Ended up getting $80 tip from them. Not bad at all.

Average Joes- self explanatory, people that frequent Hooters that neither help or hurt your job experience. Nothing bad but that's all I could think to describe it!

Ufc tomorrow!! Ahhhhh I am soo nervous. But hopefully I make some money!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hooters girl facts of life

1. Nylons are the most loved and hated piece of clothing you own. You hate them cuz they make you look half oompa loompa but you love them cuz they suck everything in!

2. You will miss nail polish. No matter if your a nail polish addict like me or you don't paint your nails often you will miss it.

3. If you weren't great at getting rid of creeps before you will be an expert now. Now whenever someone stares at your chest you will automatically go oh sorry I forgot to tell you my name, its BD. And just stare them down, you both know they are busted but its a good way for him to save face.

4. You will spend obscene amounts of money on make up.

5. On days off you simply will not give two fucks what you look like.

6. You will think of it as a major treat to go out to eat and be served, and no matter how shitty the service you will ways tip awesome.

7. Anytime you hear people clapping you will automatically head towards them thinking its time to sing a song.

8. You will be able to go to the bathroom, fix hair/make up, and eat your meal in less than ten minutes. Five is more like it.

9. You will be super protective of your "good" pens and only give out your ugly colors to people.

10. You will be able to read people instantly, you will know if they want to talk or want you the eff away from them.

11. You will know the words to every pop song in the past 20 years.

12. You will know at least 6 ways to pretend you have boobs (sorry boys 90% of your hooters girls are either wearing a push up bra, padding, or wearing to bras to look like they have boobs)

13. You will use multiple bottles of hairspray a month. Minimum.

14. No matter how much you wash your clothes or shower you will always smell like ranch or wing sauce.

15. You will develop a fantastic fake cheerful voice to welcome people.

16. Your fake laugh will fool even yourself as being a real laugh sometimes.

I will post more as I think of em. :)

I am slowly but surely getting more uniforms!

I have three sets of uniforms, and two black! Which is good because washing the uniform after every shift was getting so annoying, and there really wasn't a way to avoid it because you leave smelling like wings and have the newest trend of sauce all over you. Trust me, after working here for two weeks everything smells like wings. And my car is full of Hooters take out boxes and cups so I should probably hurry up and clean that up before wings start growing out of my car....yikes!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Google question! "why is there such a high turnover at hooters"

I was looking at the Google questions that lead people to my blog and I saw one that I figured I could answer on here. "Why is there such a high turnover at hooters?"

There are a few reasons for that. Mainly its because no one expects it to be as hard as it really is. There are a lot of tests to take, and you have so much shadowing to do. And really a lot of girls just want to be there to say they work at hooters. I had always heard the drama was a lot to deal with but it really has not been an issue at all so far. Hopefully no girls go crazy cuz I don't want to deal with that!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Your job is to act like their girlfriend..

“Your job is to flirt with the customers. To act like their girlfriend. To lead them on.”


Ummmm excuse the fuck out of me?! What did you say mister creep of the year?

There is this guy who comes in EVERY FUCKING DAY. Seriously. Every day. And he thinks he is all our our best friends. He complains about the losers that come in there not realizing that he is that fucking creep. He was talking to us about our “game” we play. About how we tease and lead everyone on and how its funny because he knows our game and we cant do it to him. I had enough. Here is our conversation.

Douche “You are just teases…but its okay because I understand it.”

Me “We are here to serve you food. Not to lead anyone on.”

Douche “No. Your job is to lead people on and make the guys think they stand a chance.”

Me “That is not anywhere near correct. We are here to serve you food. We are encouraged to talk to you but that is it. We do not lead you on we do not tease. We speak.”

Douche “Well that’s not what I have seen, especially since you all don’t talk to me unless I talk first. Cuz you know I know and you cant lead me on.”

Me “No…we don’t talk to you cuz you lie everyday. You come every day and all you do is follow us around and try and bribe us with money to talk with you and when the girl talks to you you say she made you mad so no tip for her.”

Douche “I have never once lied.”

Me “Oh…so you are a foreign diplomat? You do have millions of dollars? One day you say you have child and the next we ask about her and you say you have never had a kid? You own houses in 5 different countries yet you have to live in a motel until they figure your money out?”

Other Hooters Girl “Exactly! Every day you say what you think is going to impress us and when we don’t give a fuck you change your story.”

Douche “Wow see if I ever spend any money on you bitches again.”

He came in the next day. I think he is freaken mental. And before you wonder why we weren’t fired for talking to this guy like that our manager is awesome. And knows he is freaken weird. He actually laughed when the guy left and was like ‘who wants to bet he will be back in tomorrow?’ Sersiously funny shit!

Creepers crack me up! Sometimes……lol


BD :)


PS. To you creepers out there that think Hooters is just a huge store of girls wanting to date you…….think again. You constantly giving her money and cheesy compliments and giving your number over and over isn’t going to work. Ever. Go to a strip club.

Guess who has a regular.....this girl!

I now have a regular!! How exciting right?! This adorable old man came in on my first official night and has come in three times since. And he always checks to see if im working before he sits so he can sit with me. Its pretty flippin awesome if you ask me. I guess he will only sit with me or this other girl that has worked there a while.

He doesn’t tip a ton but something really can be said for someone who will just sit there and talk to you like you’re a human. I complained about the shitty table not asking for a tip but just to vent and he was so sweet about it. He actually cared. Which really does mean a ton.  For those of you who thinks he just comes in to be creepy you can go shove it. He is so sweet! He talks about his wife and their house, and how they are renovating their kitchen soon and their children. And he knows when I will work, how work was going, what my hobbies are. He actually gets to know us as people not girls in tight shirts. Which is awesome!


He is quickly becoming my favorite regular! There is another but he cant really be called my regualar, cuz I met him on my first day training day and he is my trainer that days regular. He has sat with me twice and I adore him but I feel like im stealing him from her! She doesn’t mind though, so that’s someone else to talk with. That’s a cool part of my job, we can actually find out about people’s lives. We know when their mother is going into surgery, we know when their dog is sick. We are your pretty therapists and you in turn get to hear our life stories and its pretty cool. Actually that’s not true….if you’re a creepy fuck then you probably don’t get to hear anything cuz we don’t spend a lot of time with you.


Sorry but I don’t really care, if you are going to speak to my boobs and make gross comments then you can talk to my ass as I walk away. :)

Caution: Extreme douchiness ahead

Alright. Its boxing night. There are only four tables per girl, and all of the tables are coming in to stay for at least four hours. That means that each girl is getting four tables all night. Get it? Absolutely zero table turnover. Some customers get this and tip accordingly but some just sit and drink and have a cheap bill and tip according to that and not according to the actual time they took up space. Whatever though I hear UFC nights are better-which is good we have one coming up this Saturday so hopefully it will be good!

It’s about 9 o clock and 3 guys and a girl come in and ask for a table. Nothing wrong with that, I take them on over. Then more and more of their friends come rushing in. A total of 14 people squeezing into two small tables. I am still totally nice though. I take their orders and drink orders and ID everyone and all that stuff. I think its going great. They are a bit of a pain, they are the customer you see that waves their arms like a flailing duck to get my attention even though I am heading over to their table already. Whatever. They stayed about 4 hours and ran my ass off like crazy. But every time I got annoyed I would just think ‘hey their bill is pretty high they should tip pretty good’ and I would be cool with it. Well it gets time for me to be cut from the floor –which means im going home-and I go over and give them their bill so I can tab them out. I smile when I see it because its about $187 so I think yay good tip! They pay and I go grab their receipt that says how much they tipped and my heart drops……..

I got $0….not even a fucking penny. I just ran all over the store for four hours and I get fucking nothing. I had that awful feeling in my throat that I get right before I know I am about to start bawling like a flippin baby. So I try to just shake it off, but I am horrible at hiding my emotions so everyone can tell something is wrong and as each new girl figures out what happened they all get furious for me. Cuz they all freaken saw me running around all night bringing their shit. I was soooo mad. Seriously ruined my night, at that point I didn’t even give a shit I just cashed out and took my whole $40 I made that night and peaced the fuck out of there. Sucks for them though cuz since they screwed me over the other girls refused to wait on them, like seriously refused. The manager had to tell them to go cuz it was too late to drink anymore anyways and no other girl would help them. It was kinda sweet but I was seriously so mad I didn’t give two shits anymore I just left. Not even my darling R (my favorite cook in the kitchen who is my new favorite person ever, he is hilarious and is just there to chat when its dead and helps me constantly) could cheer me up.

Ughhhhhh. People suck.


Alright rant over.

Working as a fully trained Hooters Girl!

Sorry this took forever to post but here is my post on my working shifts out of training! Yes I think I have five days to catch up on so I will try to remember everything for you guys!

The second night I worked was dress up day and I was stressing major balls about that one! I went out and looked for costumes for forever! I finally decided on being a firefighter because my friend had a costume I could borrow and I had some black boots combat boots I wore with it. Cool thing was I was the only one who thought to wear other shoes as long as they were slip resistant so I got a lot of compliments about that.  It was a pretty cool concept too, it was Hooters way of celebrating first responders from 9/11 and all military people got 20% off their bill. I made pretty good money this night too and really had a blast!

I had a table of like 6 guys that came in and were a blast to wait on, I sat them in my section at first but they wanted a bigger table so I moved them to another girls section and told them I would go grab their waitress but we had already teased back and forth some so they were bummed I wasn’t going to wait on them and said they would throw a hissy fit if I didn’t wait on them lol after trying to tell them I couldn’t take the table a million times I finally went and asked the girl running their section if I could have it and she didn’t care at all she just took one of my tables. The guys were so much fun, it was good to see that a group of guys can come in and be funny and nice but not totally gross and pervy. Yes they were all flirting but nothing majorly gross. There was a guy a table away who saw me bend over to pick something up and was all ‘hey so if I drop something will you pick it up in slow motion for me baby?’ and a guy from my table actually told him to take that kind of talk somewhere else. Then he looked at me and was like ‘don’t you worry we got your back.’ I just thought it was freaken adorable.

By this point I didn’t care if they tipped me at all cuz I was so relaxed and just having a great time. They were surprised I could talk football with the best of them too, we had some debates about my favorite teams and players. They were Peyton Manning fans- barf- and I wasn’t scared at all to inform him that I cant stand him. Mainly because he got my man Tim Tebow traded to the Jets but also because he sucks major balls. Sorry, just saying. He is so afraid of running the dang ball or getting sacked. Yes is realize it would hurt a ton to get tackled but if you are going out of your way to avoid it and messing up plays then you really have to figure something out. I get that you are old as fuck and might break a bone or something  but come on! They were talking about the Packers and I was pretty stoked to share that last season the one team they lost to were my precious Chiefs. At that point they were like no more football talk you know more than most of us…….I just laughed!

This table did tip really good too which I was totally okay with, and they all put their phone numbers and hotel room numbers on their receipts too lol they are staying in town for a manager training program at a hotel right by hooters. It was hilarious later though, cuz what people don’t realize is the receipts they sign are given to the managers at the end of the night so my manager was looking through them and was like ‘BD who are all these boys and why are they giving me their hotel room and phone numbers?’ So that night tips went well and it was fun too!

I only have one really bad tipping story which I will explain in my next post so beware of some extreme douchiness coming up.


I have done really good on tips this week too so that was a relief! The managers even complimented me on knowing my shit and being able to be on the floor for five days straight and doing good!


Whoop whoop. :)


BD :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have been busyyyyyy!

I am sorry I haven't posted in a few days! I have been pretty busy, working and catching up on sleep! I will write a post tomorrow about dress up day and another shift! I just got home from work and am about to go pass out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One exhausted Hooters Girl right here....

Phew! I am totally and completely wiped out. And I love it! I got to work my shift tonight and the manager either didn't remember to put me on a two table section or she didn't think I needed to because I had a full section!! Whoop whoop! AND I didn't have to do a shop thing (where I wait on the manager) so all in all pretty sweet! I made about $70 in tips which for my first night I think is fantastic. I had a table give me a $30 tip which I was soooo super excited about! I think mainly I have been so relieved because I get tips being myself and not having to be fake. I was worried I would have to be the giggly ditzy girl to get tips but I have been sarcastic and a smart ass and that seems to go over wonderful! Guys like to play around so when you tease them it gives you more time to connect and interact. So I can honestly say I enjoyed myself tonight. I was there from 530-1230 and my back kinda hurts now but it was pretty fun.

I am worried though because I found out today that tomorrow is dress up day (yes I found out a day before that its dress up day) and we have to dress up as first responders so I think that I am going to dress up as a police officer maybe? This is what I am picturing: black tutu, black t shirt, hand cuffs, police hat, and whatever other cheap stuff I can find. Either that or I might do Army and get some camo stuff. The other girls said get everything as cheap as possible because its not worth it to spend a ton because you wont get it back usually. So the goal is to not spend more than $20. We shall see how that goes.

I am off to bed now, so I can wake up in 10 hours and go find a costume and go back to work in 14 hours!

BD :)

Nylons suck.

I just took my work clothes off the dry rack thing I put them on (because they cant go in the dryer, I have absolutely no room for shrinkage in these clothes) and I realized I have a big run in the nylons! Right at the butt part! Luckily I noticed before I left for work or I would have gotten a lot of unwanted attention tonight. So I will be heading into work early to cough up $5 for new ones. Woohoo.

Welp I will let ya know how my first shift goes! Guess who will finally be making her own tips......THIS GIRL! :)

BD :)

"Don't you worry that people.....stare at you"

"Don't you worry that people..stare at you. You know cuz you work here and......well you know." No sir I do not know but thank you for trying to make me feel like an absolute skank-bag.

This was an actual conversation I had during my last training shift and I honestly do not understand the big deal. Yes we get stared at, yes most of us are good looking. But I wear less clothing out of work than working. I showed me grandmother my uniform and her exact words were, "Oh! Well jeez BD that's not bad! You wear shirts like that normally!" I am a girl. Who just so happens to have boobs...freaky coincidence there. Yes we get stared at when working but I get just as creeped on when I go to the grocery store in a t-shirt and shorts.

So, weird old man, yes it can be weird but can you blame me for actually making money from it? Models don't get criticized for making money from their looks? I don't hear athletes getting criticized for making money from their strength or agility.

Mini rant complete! Night world.

BD :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yep that’s right bitches I passed my test! Woohoo! I am now officially a Hooters Girl and it feels great! The test itself kinda majorly sucked ass but whatever! I failed the first time I tried it, and by failed I mean I got a 81% but you need at least a 90% to pass, but I passed the second time! What did I get you ask? A 96%! So im obviously a genius. Duh. I will talk about some of the questions in a minute, first I want to talk about a hospitality test thing I had to do and some of the funny answers it had.

Question (summarized): If you get a $4 tip on a $40 bill what do you do?

A.)   Say thank you and invite them back soon.

B.)    Throw the tip back at them and tell them to keep it since they obviously need it more than you do.

C.)    Look at the tip roll your eyes and complain to everyone about how shitty they are.

My personal favorite was B! I would maybe add in a punch to the throat for good measure but hey that’s me! I wish I could do that but I have a feeling I would not be employed for long…oh well too bad!


The menu test was hard and simple at the same time if that makes sense. There were certain things that most people would know, but some of the questions were just so dang hard! I think its just based on store locations and what they serve but still it was rough. And I had read on another blog that the test was 160 questions but mine was only 97….ha yeah only 97 that’s great. I have never said that I ONLY had a 97 question test but hey compared to 160 that’s fantastic! Some of the girls did help but they were all serving guests so they weren’t too concerned with helping me out. After I took it the first time it told me which ones I got wrong and what the correct answers were which I really liked. So the second time through I breezed through it.

So having passed all the tests I have to take I was able to go see when I am scheduled! I was a bit disappointed seeing that it is Tuesday and they weren’t scheduling me until Saturday night but then another manager told me that there is a place on the computers where girls that want a shift off put it on a thing called ‘shift swap’ so if I want to pick them up I can so I went and picked up one for Wednesday night and Thursday night.  Then I noticed that the first manager was wrong and I had a shift Friday night, Saturday night, and a double Sunday which means I will be working from 11am-10pm. So now I have five days straight of working and the manager was worried I wouldn’t be able to do that many my first week and didn’t want me to burn out but I love it! More money this way which is definitely okay with me. I just need to buy probably two more sets of uniform stuff cuz really one set for so much work is not going to work out.  I would have to do laundry every single day and I don’t think the water bill would appreciate that so much. Well they would love it but paying that bill would suck!

Tomorrow I suppose I will do my shop thing where I wait on a manger too? No idea though. I think I will also get a two table section so I don’t get overwhelmed my first night but really I don’t think it will be bad cuz these past few nights I have done tables mostly on my own so I am not too worried. I will post after I work my first official night! Whoop whoop tips all for me! Yay!


BD :)

Hooters Girl Training Night Number 5! Last Night!!

LAST NIGHT OF TRAINING! Sorry…I was pretty excited and that is the only way I could think of to show my level of excitement.  I had my last night of training last night and I have decided a few things that I will share with you.

                -All you can eat wing night can suck my dick. (yes, I have a dick sorry to break the news. It might be metaphorical but it is there and will frequently be mentioned on here. Mostly in a sucking my dick variety. Just a heads up.) If your waitress brings you ten plates of wings and is running her ass off all night so you can eat yourself into an early grave and the bill is only $20 but she did a shit ton of work please tip accordingly.

                -I absolutely love children but if you kid is all gross and wearing what must be the latest fashion trend of wing sauce covering 95% of their body I DO NOT want to hold/kiss/be near that child. I know that sounds mean but I have a white shirt. Do you hear me you crazy mom’s.  A WHITE shirt. Sauced up children + My clean shirt= me spending $10 for a new shirt which is no bueno.

                -If your gonna be a shitty tipper please tell me at the beginning of the meal.  If your cool as shit and I spend a ton of time talking to you cuz like I said you seem cool as shit then you turn around and proudly hand me $2 on a $30 bill. Am I supposed to drop to the floor and kiss your feet for this amazing generosity you have displayed to one such as lowely as I? Because if any kissing will occur it will be you kissing my ass making up for that awful tip after I ran my ass of for you.

                -If you order food then proceed to eat said food then we pretty much assume that you liked it. So you complaining that you didn’t like it and don’t want to pay for it when five seconds earlier you were licking the ranch off your grubby little fingers is fucking stupid and a waste of our time. If you don’t like the food then how about you should tell your waitress..oh I dunno one of the million times she stops by to ask how the food is and if you need anything else. I could have misinterpreted your grunts and belches though. Def my bad.

                -If I say I have a boyfriend then that means a couple of things: I actually do have a boyfriend, I don’t want you thinking I am anywhere near single, you smell, you dress funny, the idea of ever letting you think I was mildly interested makes me gag, and I just don’t like you. It really could be any of those and many more but what it boils down to is I am not interested. I know that is so hard to believe seeing as how you are just so super neat and all.


I think that pretty much sums it all up. :) I am glad that I am out of training I go to take my menu test again tomorrow! I bombed it when I tried it last night so I will be retaking so I can get scheduled! Whoop whoop!

Well that is all I think, ta ta for now!


BD :)


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hooters Girl Training Night 4!

Tonight was my fourth night of training! It was pretty dead for the first hour but then it picked up a bit seeing as how it was game night for some local schools around us.  I was on food running duty tonight, if you don’t know what that means it’s just when the food is cooked I delivered it to the tables.  It’s supposed to help you know what food looks like and where the tables are at. That’s the theory. In reality a lot of girls get super bitchy when you try to take their food out! Its absolutely ridiculous. I had girls multiple times take the food out of my hands at bring it to the table. I mean I guess this probably helps their tips if they see the table more often but I cant see it doing incredible things to the tip just to bring food out. And its not like I was willy nilly going and taking their food to the tables, the manager told me to do it so that’s what my ass was doing.  Whatever though yes there was some rude asses there tonight but I also met some really sweet girls who were really helping me out.

And I had a table ask if I would be their waitress! Whoop whoop! Here is the story, there was a big bachelor party in that another girl…we will call her Momma bear cuz she was so sweet making sure I knew everything.  Well Momma Bear got stuck with this table of 14 on top of her other tables she had so when she got a table of three guys I went over and took their drink orders and asked if they wanted food and stuff.  She was able to take them from there but I would still stop by every so often to make sure they were good.  Well I was waiting to bring food to tables and one of the guys came and got me and asked if I would be their waitress because she was so slow. And that I was just so awesome at my job blah blah blah. Yes I was super complimented but I did proceed to tell him that she has a table of 14 plus all her tables so she is in a bit of a hurry. So I went and sat with them for a while, and talked and they seemed pretty cool. One was even pretty cute.  Well here comes the kicker, they asked what I was doing after work and I said just hanging out with the know hinting that I have one and that whatever plans you are about to ask me to join on I will not be coming. Pretty simple thing to understand right? Nope. They proceeded to tell me that they are in town from Texas and staying at a hotel nearby and I could come hang out my bf wouldn’t know. Hold up. You are asking me to come to a HOTEL by myself and hang out with three guys I don’t know?! You def need to stop smoking that crack pipe babe. I said I wouldn’t be able to and whatever but it made me laugh.  I was glad they saw I was working hard and appreciated it but really a hotel offer? Come on!

Other than that really nothing at all happened tonight. We got to embarrass a bachelor and sing a birthday song. So it was good I got to hear the songs, even though I still don’t know the words to them. That will come with time I think. I also realized how good it is to be nice to the cooks, and im not saying befriend them just so they will help you out but really I saw first hand how being rude to them can affect you later.  I am naturally a chatty person so I got to know the cooks and other staff and I really like a few of them but one especially we tease back and forth and he helps figure out what food is what and made sure I knew where tables were and stuff. Well this one girl, who we will call Miss Priss thinks she is miss hott stuff and she seriously throws a fit at least once a shift. Well she is always so bitchy to the kitchen staff and anyone really that no one goes out of their way to help her. Tonight she forgot to ring in her food order for a table and she went and asked the cooks to make it next but no one was going to risk their jobs to do her favors so her table got super mad and complained to the manager and she is getting written up! Its not just from this she is getting written up, its just that this was the final straw I think. The managers don’t like to write people up because if you can only get written up three times then you are fired so they don’t just randomly write people up. This was her second write up so she better watch herself!


My next shift is Monday at 530 and I will be staying till close that night so I can see how its done. But Monday I will be taking my menu test and I will be doing everything and someone will be following me so that they can make sure I do everything right. Then my next shift is probably Wednesday night and I get to keep my tips that night! Whoop whoop! I will only get a two table section so I don’t get too overwhelmed and I will do my manager shop that night (where I wait on the manager and they can see how I do with everything.) I was all worried though because I thought that I had to have a two table section for a couple of days then slowly get more tables shift by shift but I guess its only a two table section for one night! Which is good because I really think I can handle a bigger section and im ready to make some money!


Alright that is all for now I am off to sleep! And then studying tomorrow!


BD :)

Hooters Girl Training Night Number 3!

<p>Tonight I had my third training shift at Hooters! Tonight I realized why people like being get a girl to do all your work and you can just sit there and take the tips! Kinda ridic. But oh well it really was good because I got to figure out the computer more and how to interact with customers.

But I always thought people came into Hooters to talk to the girls but really none of the tables wanted to talk to us they acted like I was some major interruption, which is cool but surprising! I did talk to some other tables but mostly only tables of 2 or 1. It was good because I got more time to figure out the tables and what each kind of food looks like. That's what Ill be doing tonight, I am going at 6 to run food. Its a boxing fight night so it should be busy, I heard its not a good tip night because there really isn't a very high table turnover.

I don't know how much work I will have because even last night I would try and help by bringing food to tables and some girls would get all bitchy.

Oh! And I did get into it with a customer tonight! I was going to check on a table when I saw a guy at one of my tables had a picture up of a girls butt that worked here, couldn't have been mine cuz I was wearing orange and white and everyone else was wearing black. But its funny as I was telling my friend this story she interrupted and was like, "Oh god BD, what did you do to him??" Haha I guess one thing to know is I have a temper and I am very outspoken. If you make me mad or are just being plain rude I will def bitch you out. Life is too short to pretend! Anywho, here is the convo.

Me: "Um do you mind telling me whose butt that is?"
Dumb asshole: "Its....nobodys."
Me: "Uh huh. Well if I see you taking pictures or I see pictures out again I am going to have to ask you to leave."
Dumb asshole: "Haha you can't do that."
Me: "Watch me." Haha that shut him up!

I probably didnt handle that well because I don't think I have the power to do that but he thinks I do!

That's pretty much all that happened tonight I am off to the lake! I will probably study my menu test there too so I can pass and get on the floor after I pass my shop! Which I am now nervous for because I have to wait on our meanest manager and I heard she will be very difficult to try to fluster me so I will just have to smile right back.

Ta Ta for now!

BD :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hooters Girl Training Night Number 2!

Guess who just passed their liquor test?!? This bitch right here! Boom. I am pretty flippin stoked! In case you didn't notice or anything....The test was just like the study guide I was given except all the liquor and beer names were blank...duh. But really my other manager who is preggers (we will call her Manager P) she handed me the paper and I literally sat there and stared at it and was like this is what I am taking......? I thought maybe it was some cruel cruel joke. But nope! Thats fine though thanks to my anagram sentences I knew all the beers down pat, but the liquors I really had a rough time with.  Out of probably 6o different kinds I knew like 20. If that. So I was pretty worried that I was going to have to keep retaking it until I passed but Manager P was super nice about it.  She was actually surprised I knew as many as I did (yay me) she said most new girls dont really know any they just learn as they go, and she let me study for a few minutes and take more and study again and take more. Until I finished so that was pretty cool. And yep passed that bitch! Whoop whoop!

Anywho, onto the actual night of training.  Tonight was my host shadowing shift so I got there at 530 ready for things to get nuts. Yeah, they never did but I suppose thats good so I got more time to learn tables and yada yada. I did get to see firsthand how bitchy girls get when a table they think doesn't tip well sits with them. Seriously its completely rude. How the eff do they know that these people wont tip them good?! They could be flippin millionaires for all they know and she has to go and be bitch-zilla at the host because she did her job. Seriously annoying. Fine even if someone doesn't tip well there is nothing that you can do about it, they have to be sat with somebody! And honestly if your going to start out with that bad attitude I wouldnt tip your ass anyways. Sorry, mini rant over.

But it was exciting! A regualar I met on my Tuesday training shift came in tonight and before the hostess could take him to a table he pointed to me and was like I want to sit with Brooke. I was super stoked cuz hey maybe he will come back and sit with me? But I had to tell him I couldnt tonight because I am still training so he is going to come back next week to see me! Whoop whoop! His waitress was also a bitch about him cuz she said he looked like a wierdo because, in her words "he has super thick glasses and a big head" ummm okay? Karma kicked her ass though cuz when he was leaving he tried to hand me $20 for "being nice to him even though he wasnt my customer" and he had only tipped her $5, cuz she seriously would only go to the table to take his order then run off. I of course couldn't accept the tip yet but he said he will just add it to my tip next week! Yay! It pissed little miss priss off too cuz if she would have just had an open mind and sat with him he would have paid her well too. So yeah, karma rocks.

But honestly this shift was pretty pointless.  I already knew where tables were, and I knew how to run food and drinks. And there was a portion that I followed a busboy..oh sorry a "staff member" (I guess you cant call them busboys) and I already knew how to clean my tables off and where to put dishes and all that fun stuff. Basically I figured out that my trainer Tuesday is a badass cuz I looked super duper prepared tonight which is lovely.  So I just kinda stood around and sat people with the host then followed the staff member around then I sat and took my test and left! So only 3 hours there tonight but tomorrow is my Firday night 4 pm-11 pm ish shift so I should get to interact with some tables some more so we shall see how that goes.

Now I really gotta study for my menu test and then no more big tests! Well I will have a "shop" on Monday where I wait on a table made up of the manager and some Hooters Girls I believe. That shouldn't be too bad though.

BD :)

P.S. I have always heard of a thing called Jumpstart where before each shift the manager inspects uniforms, and tells specials, and you play games to see who gets what section but they apparently don't do that anymore. The manager picks what section you get now. I feel like that could be good and bad, the manager could more easily play favorites now. But oh well I will update you after tomorrows shift!

Hooters Girl = LOTS of studying!

When I applied for Hooters I thought my hardest thing to do was going to be getting over creepy people that go there. (not all the people just the outright creepy know who you are) But boy was I wrong! I am currently trying to memorize the 107 different kinds of liquor and beer we carry. YEP 107. I counted on my list they gave me. It is just a ton to memorize! Yes, alot of those are light beers or utlra beers but still gotta memorize them! My boyfriend came up with a good tool to help, I am using anagrahms (probably spelt that wrong) to remember them. I will give an example but don't laugh or ask where we thought up the words they just kinda came to us lol so here goes!

Hilda                 Heiniken
Does                  Dos XX
Many                 Metal Bud Light
Lunges               Land Shark
Cuz                    Corona
Charlie               Corona Lite
Bought               Bud Light Lime
Oreos                 Oduols
Before                Bud Light Platnum
Christmas           Coors
Morning             Miller Lite Metal

Like I said, don't ask lol. But really it does help a ton! I just have to remember the sentences and write down the letters in the spots and then I just think up the beers that fit the letters! Only problem is I have not heard of some of the beers! I am only 20 so its not like I am going out to the bars and have heard of them, I am from a small town. We drink Bud or Miller or Coors. Thats about it. I mean of course I don't..............seeing as how I am not 21.......Did anyone believe that? Yeah probably shouldn't. Really though I am not a fan of beer AT ALL. So I have alwasy drank vodka or whiskey but of course being practically broke all the time I drink the cheap stuff so I havent heard of alot of the more expensive stuff either. Ahh the wonders of being underage and broke! Well I am off to study some more because I have my second training shift tonight. As a Hostess so I can see how the tables are set up-even though I already passed my tables test. So hopefully I will have time to take my liquor test tonight so I can study for my menu test and take that tomorrow during my third training shift!

I am trying to sqeeze my tests in soon because I just found out the Special Olympics team I am coaching in soccer right now is having a tournament on Sunday and I need to go to that so I need to see if I can cancel my fifth training shift that is on Sunday so I can go to that! I am really hoping if all my tests are done and I have done good with my other days that they might just say that I don't need a fifth day! Hey a girl can dream..Did I mention that Manager JC said he is considering sending me to a Promo on Saturday instead of having me run food?! Well yes he is and I both hope he does and hope he doesn't. Now hear me out...I hope he does because that just sounds like a blast and if he is wanting to send me this early then there are high hopes for me here! But I also hope he doesn't becasue it is going to be hotter than balls on Saturday so I will be sweating like crazy in my skin tight uniform! But either way I will let you know what he says after tonight or tomorrows shift! I am really going to go study now.....woohoo!

BD :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brain hurts!! brain hurts from all this studying! I think I am going to be dreaming of alcohol tonight. And no not in a im-an-alcoholic kinda way just in a hooters-test-is-super-hard kinda way! I am not good at studying in general so one day to study all my liquor stuff is scary! Plus I still have to take my huuuuuuge menu test in the next few days! Good luck to me!

BD :)

Procrastination at its best!

I really should be studying for my liquor test which is tomorrow but just look at these yummy men. :) Yes the hair is awful but really those abs.....delish! Who wouldnt go to a restaurant with these lovelies as the waitors?! I def would! Someone should really get on that.......Are you listening corporate america?? Get on this please!

Why I am now a Hooters Girl

Why am I now a Hooter Girl? That is the question I have been asked repeatedly and I really do not have some profound answer that people seem to expect me to give. People act like I must have been desperate for a job so I just settled for Hooters. Which was most definitely not the case. I was a special needs care provider before this, for about four years.  And I coach Special Olympics now, and have for about eight years now. So you could say that helping people with disabilities is a passion of mine. Especially since I am going to school to be a Special Needs teacher.  But yes, I could have gotten a job as another care provider but I didn’t want to.  I took care of my lovely P for about 4 years and I fell completely in love with her. No, not in a creepy way don’t be gross. But I am completely part of the family now so when she had to move out (long story that I don’t feel like typing out) I was devastated that I can’t work with her anymore.  But it’s not like I won’t see her anymore because I live with her dad and brothers and plan on visiting her a ton so it’s fine. Yes, this all has a point bear with me.

I have always been intrigued and slightly jealous of the Hooters Girls. Who doesn’t see them having a blast at work and not get a little jealous? I have always wanted to try out this job but have always had a full time job so I couldn't do it, so yes now that I have time and dont have rent at the moment I figured why not try it! My friend worked for Hooters for a couple of months and absolutely loved it, and made more money than she would have at another restaurant. And before all you feminazis freak out and say its because we display ourselves blah blah blah just hear me out.  Yes, our outfits do help with some customers but those customers aren’t really who we will customarily make our money from.  It really is because we are encouraged to sit and talk to our customers and get to know them.  During my first day of training I saw so many girls talking to their regulars and they knew their whole families name, and their pets name, and their job and stuff like that.  People really do come in to talk to us and just have a good time.  Yes there will be some creepy men but I saw for myself that the regulars and just downright awesome people that come in really make it worth it.

Alright that is the end of my rant.

BD :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hooters training day 1!!

I had my first day of training!! And I think it went pretty good!

I am doing my first day of training during a day shift (1030-4) shadowing a Hooters Girl. But I guess this isn’t how they usually do it, they usually want you to do a Hostess  shift first so you know the layout of the floor before you start shadowing but I learning it today so that was fine.  I will do my Hostess shift on Thursday night.

Alright so first when I showed up I went with the manager I had orientation with (I guess he needs a name huh…..we will call him Manager JC) to get my clock in figured out, and its pretty cool how they do it.  Everything on the computer, to clock in, to take your training tests, and to put orders in the computer is all done with your thumb print so you don’t have any of that annoying putting in employee id business. Makes it pretty efficient.  So after that I shadowed a girl we will call K, for the morning opening stuff to do.  Basically its just making sure all the side stations are stocked and that the drink machines and cups and all that stuff is ready.  I have only worked at Pizza hut before so I am not too strong on the waiting tables part, but I rock at the stocking stuff part because that is ALL I did at Pizza hut.  We never really waited tables because every got carry out or delievery! That’s just how my home town was.  So after we finished making sure everything was stocked we basically just waited till 11 when we opened. By then my actual trainer Trainer CB got there, so first thing she did was start evualuating me on my look.

She just made sure I was wearing  a nude bra with my shirt, that I did my make up and that it looked good, no nail polish ect.  Then she just started talking about what all I would do.  Basically just follow her everywhere and watch what she does and don’t look awkward lol.  We got a table a little bit after that and it was four regulars that come in about 4 times a week so all the girls already knew what they ordered and what they drank but Trainer CB still went through the motions of taking their order and drink stuff.  She said most of the business during  the days is regualrs, and that’s where you will make most of your tips because they come in specifically to see you and they tip well.  She said she doesn’t have too many creepy regulars but they exist so I shall see how that goes when I encounter one but luckily today there weren’t any creepers.  So really all I did all day was follow her around and talk to cutomeers with her.  It was pretty cool talking to regualrs buecase they actually do want to get to know you and your life story, and in turn you will get to know them.  They came in and were talking to girls about their families and the girls knew the names of family members and it was pretty cool to see that relationships like that happen!

But today was a good learning experience too, I learned where all the tables are and took my tables test but im glad I have a host shift to learn them some more because I basically memorized the piece of paper for the test.  I know basically how to put orders in the computer and sling the orders back to the kitchen too.  The one one thing I kept having trouble with was that you don’t immediately bring silverware to the table, you bring it after you get food orders. Its call the set up, you bring different set for sandwiches and stuff and a different set for wings.  For example, if they order wings you bring a plate with a napkin, knife, fork and wetnap.  It just basically helps you to visit your table a lot.

I felt like I learned a lot today and am excited for my next shift! And I am glad to say most of the girls were very cool and talked to me a lot after they realized I can actually do work and am not just going to expect them to do it all.  It was pretty cool, I had a customer search me out for a picture because he thought I was pretty. A line yes, but I was pretty excited!

I will post more after my next shift!


BD :)

Hooters Orientation!

Alright so here is my  orientation story!!

I showed up looking cute again, but not as dressed up as the interview just enough to show that I know how to dress myself but not enough that I wasn’t going to be comfy for all the signing.  My orientation was at 2 pm so I made sure to show up about ten minutes early.  I had one other girl applying with me so we had to wait on her-but hey I was early so I didn’t mind! She was this cute little barely 5 foot something 16 year old and seriously she was adorable.  Me being 5’9 I felt like a giant next to her but im used to it so I didn’t mind so much, most of the girls there are pretty dang short so I can just be the cute tall one! :) A different manager this time came over to talk to us about what we would be doing, and this one was pretty cool too so I was glad we wont have any mean managers so far to deal with. 

We had to sign a butt load of papers that seriously took FOREVER. No joke, by the end my handwriting was awful. Me and the other girl joked that by the end it looked like someone forged our signatures because they looked nothing like they did at the beginning.  After we signed a million and ten papers he came over and talked through the employee manual with us. And I know some of the manual was leaked and posted online and everyone flipped out about it but really it isn’t bad at all.  It just talks about how we have to look good for our shifts and take care of ourselves and blah blah blah.  There was a long part of bullying and sexual harassment that seem pretty legit. Hooters doesn’t mess around with sexual harassment which is very good.  Everyone loves to joke about how the girls dress like skank-mobiles there but really I wore less to the interview, and wear less every day than the girls wear every day. So I wasn’t too concerned about his at all.

After we went over the whole manual and everything we watched a short movie basically all about Hooters history and answered some questions, which were super simple anyways so it should be fine.  Then we got a tour of the place and finally UNIFORMS!!! :) The other girl is going to be a hostess so she will wear a polo top and khaki shorts so she only got the top and then I got mine!  I was a little bit skeptical when he handed me my xsmall shorts and xsmall top.  Don’t get me wrong I am not a really big girl but I am 5’9 and 140 pounds with a 34DD chest and am usually a 4-6 in jeans. So I kinda stared at him a second before I figured hey whatever lets try it! And what do you know! It fits! And  I was looking sexy. It’s the truth what can I say! Here is what all I got: Xsmall shorts in orange, xsmall white top, tights (size E because I needed the long ones), and a pair of socks.  I will get the black ones in a few days.

Then we went out and planned our training schedule! The other girl needs 3 days of training to be a hostess and I will need 5 to be a Hooters Girl.  I was pretty surprised how quick it is all going, the orientation was on a Monday and by the Sunday of this week I will have had all five days of my training in.  It was pretty dang exciting! I will post about my first day of training next!!


BD :)
P.S. Yes I realize I have a ton of spelling and grammar errors but I am still figuring this whole thing out and not having spell check is a real pain in the butt!

Hooters interview!

Here goes talking about my interviews for Hooters! :)

I was pretty nervous to go in to interview because you know the first thing you are judged on is your looks so you have to go in looking bangin’! And no to toot my own horn but yeah I looked presh.  I didn’t  want to get too dressy and look like I spent hours deciding what to wear-which I totally did. My room was def clean before I went on a clothes hunting mission, afterwards it looked like a total and complete mess. But I finally went with a coral skirt and a grey slouchy tank top and some cute sandals.  The shirt really wasn’t too chesty because I already have large breasts (DD) so I don’t really have to flaunt them and I didn’t want to cross the line into skankville.  Because no one wants to hire a skank.  Anywho, I made sure my nails weren’t painted and that I didn’t have any jewelry on besides stud earrings because I know you cannot wear jewlerry and can cannot have your nails painted while working.  I just straightened my hair and left it down.  Then I tried to make sure I wouldn’t chicken out and ran to my car before I could change my mind.

As I pulled up to Hooters I was so nervous my hands were sweating-and seriously they never sweat so you know this is some serious business.  I made sure to go on a Tuesday at 3 because I hear the best times to go are Monday-Thursday from 2-4 pm.  So you don’t go at too busy a time and so you can catch a manager on duty.  As I walked in I could tell I was being looked up and down meticulously.  And no, not by men there. But by the Hooters girls working.  I could immedeitaly tell no one was too concerned whether I was helped or not and at the moment I was pretty put off by this attitude, because hey they don’t know me! But ill get back to that later, I was told to sit and wait for a manager to give me an application.  By this point my legs are shaking a little bit as I have to wait, as im trying to make sure I leave my hair looking cute and that I don’t chew on my lip and get lipstick all over my teeth-chewing on my lip is a really bad habit of mine so this was a real concern.  Then the manager came over and gave me my application and I started filling it out.  By the end my handwriting looked like I paid a four year old to close their eyes and do it but it was done so I was relieved.  Then the manager came over and started asking basic questions from the application.

Just basically when I am available and so on.  Then she asked a question that I never really considered but really makes sense, she asked if there is anybody in my life (parents, boyfriend, ect) that would not approve of my working there.  And that I thought was a really good question because who wants to hire someone who is just going to be convinced to quit by familily! Well anywho, she started talking about this Alcohol Class I will have to take, serv safe I think? Well of course me being a little dense I didn’t realize that meant she was hiring me…..but YEP! Hired right  away thank you very much. I am pretty sure I was grinning like a fool by that point but you know what? I don’t care I was flippin stoked!!

I actually had this interview a couple weeks ago but never got around to writing about it so my orientation and first training post will be coming shortly! I had to work my last two weeks at my job so I had to wait for orientation.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Am I really going to do this?

Alright hello world or the blogging sphere.  I am going to apoligize now for my lack of expertise as a blogger but I figured I would dive into this as I go on my Hooters journey!

Why might I do this you ask?  Well first off, I have always wanted so badly to be a Hooters Girl! Who doesn't see those adorable girls running around looking absolutely gorgeous and get a little green with envy?? The idea of being a Hooters Girl itself just seems like a fantastic thing in itself! The girls all just look so confident and like they are just having a blast! Now I am not going to be naive and think that everything about being a Hooters Girl is rainbows and roses but I am just dying to earn some coveted orange shorts!

The main reason I decided to go ahead and write a blog was honestly the lack of blogs and information I found online.  There have been some amazing ones I have found that were super informative but eventually ended and I havent found many more, once I figure out this blogging thing I will post links to the blogs I found most informative.

I am going to try to keep everything on here anonymous so I can speak my mind and tell you the honest truth of what goes on behind the scences!

Thank you world,

Were gonna call me BD.