Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Basics of rocking being a Hooters Girl a.k.a. "how to be awesome"

Alright I have been getting a lot of questions about tattoos, sizes, and other things about being a HG so I figured a back to basics post was in order. I will also slip in a few 'dont be stupid' facts. Are you excited? Should be! I am divulging secrets to make you almost as awesome as me, well not secrets really but fun facts!

Here we go bitches.

Tattoos- okay I wish we were allowed to show tattoos but it doesn't go with our "wholesome yet sexy, girl next door' thing. Ive said it before and I will say it again. We want the girl next door not the slut from around the corner! Not saying tattoos are slutty (I have plenty myself.) We have to cover any tattoo up that can be seen in the uniform: wrists, arms, shoulders, neck etc. If you have tattoos that will show when you apply definitely cover them up to show your dedicated to getting the job and will conform to their rules. Yes it would suck having to cover a big arm tattoo up every day so think about how much you want this job. Any tattoo showing MUST be covered, no wiggle room on this. But that being said there are tons of HG's that have tattoos, but the beauty of make up allows them to pretend that they don't. Quite marvelous if you ask me.

Sizing- This can be a tricky one but here goes nothing. We have sizes from xxx-small through small. They translate pretty much from 00 through about a 6. Most stores don't carry mediums anymore, which sucks for our ladies with some junk in the trunk because with a booty these shorts are hard to manage. I would love to say it takes a special dance sacrifice to the gods and some wiggling to get into my shorts but alas they fit just fine. Boo. Those squats aren't paying off yet! But I was blessed in the boob department so I cant be too sad, well I can but I wont for right now. I am a 32DDD and I wear an xsmall so the tops have wiggle room too for sure. And yes it makes people mad we don't have bigger sizes but since we are legally entertainers Hooters can choose to employ whomever they want.

Applying- Alright bitches rant time. If you are applying at a place you know you have to be somewhat decent looking to work at then when you come in try to show you are pretty. Shocking I know! I cant tell you how many girls we get that come in wearing sweats or ratty t shirts, or something equally awful. And please oh please run a brush through your hair, sex hair is attractive to your significant other only. We don't want to see all that. On the flip side do not come in like you just got in on a one way flight from slutville and your bitch ass is the mayor. GIRLS NEXT DOOR NOT SLUT FROM AROUND THE CORNER.  We have no interest in seeing nipples peak out, or vag's playing peek a boo.

Hooters is a blast if you let it be! You just need to show you are willing to work for it and aren't expecting to get everything handed to you. Its hard work. Being s waitress is one of the hardest things to do. Now don't roll your eyes and say mean things about my mother just yet please. You have to deal with all sorts of people and be smiling the whole time. Always making sure you dont piss someone off can get tiring. But then you will meet those people that make going to work worth it. Those people who seem to understand that you are not a cook you do not decide how long food cooks or takes and does not take it out on you. Those people make it so worth it!

Alright that is all for now, just got off a double and I am tired! Bye bitches.