Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Am I really going to do this?

Alright hello world or the blogging sphere.  I am going to apoligize now for my lack of expertise as a blogger but I figured I would dive into this as I go on my Hooters journey!

Why might I do this you ask?  Well first off, I have always wanted so badly to be a Hooters Girl! Who doesn't see those adorable girls running around looking absolutely gorgeous and get a little green with envy?? The idea of being a Hooters Girl itself just seems like a fantastic thing in itself! The girls all just look so confident and like they are just having a blast! Now I am not going to be naive and think that everything about being a Hooters Girl is rainbows and roses but I am just dying to earn some coveted orange shorts!

The main reason I decided to go ahead and write a blog was honestly the lack of blogs and information I found online.  There have been some amazing ones I have found that were super informative but eventually ended and I havent found many more, once I figure out this blogging thing I will post links to the blogs I found most informative.

I am going to try to keep everything on here anonymous so I can speak my mind and tell you the honest truth of what goes on behind the scences!

Thank you world,

Were gonna call me BD.