Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Haters gonna hate.

I am not dead. Promise!! I swear between work, school, and my attempt at a social life I have barely enough time to sleep. But I figured I would do another post for ladies wanting to work in the lovely land of Hooters.

First things first, Hooters is a restaurant. They might hire pretty girls but at the end of the day it is a restaurant and you will be a waitress. Don't let anyone tell you people can treat you a certain way because you wear orange shorts and a tight shirt. I don't care if you wear a thong and pasties no one has the right to make you feel bad about yourself. So all these comments about how its all about boobs so expect assholes can stop because no its not. I still expect people to be decent. Rant ovaaaaa, sorry :)

Mkay, here goes. I cannot believe this needs to be said but alas it does. DO NOT COME ASK FOR A FLIPPING APPLICATION AT A 9 O CLOCK ON A FRIDAY NIGHT. OR SATURDAY, OR MOBDAY, OR SUNDAY, OR MAKEFREAKENBELIEVE DAY. Seriously though. It is a restaurant, when we are busy we will not go get you an application and on the off chance we do you will have to be Blake freaken Lively to get hired after behavior like that. I mean come on. You want to come in when its slow so you can fill out the app and have a manager do your on the spot interview for you. Monday through Thursday from 2-4 is when you should come. 3 o clock is that lovely golden time when there aren't many people in the building so there will be more time for an interview for ya!

Next thing, I see so many extremes come in every day that it is almost funny. Do not come in dressed in sweats and a t shirt. I'm not sure what job you would apply at looking like that but it is def not here. On the opposite side of that.. Do not come in looking like you just hopped off the slut bus from hoe town, skank USA. Heels are okay if you can walk in them, skirts are okay if you can comfortably sit without us all knowing your underwear preferences. Or lack there of. (Seriously girl came in the other day and flashed some hoo haa all over the place cuz Missie had a tissue sized skirt on.) Come in looking cute but classy. Hair town, tattoos covered up, and not a ton of jewelry on. Wear nude colored underwear so if you try on the uniform on the spot you can get your correct sizes.

Last thing for now, do not be a bitch to the girls there. We are the first people you go through you can bet we will pass along your pissy attitude to mister manager and it won't help you one bit.

Those are probably the most important things I can think of at the moment. If any of you HG's out there have anymore just comment below and let's hear em! Thanks for your patience with my shitty blogging skills :)